The Ballad of Quack

As I study for my final test
My mind works hard without a rest
But as I try to concentrate
I know an "F" is in my fate.

Quakeworld, Quakeworld, you evil game
You're all I think of, curse your name
I want to play, I want to fight
I want to GIB snipers all damn night.

Rocket jumping makes me glad
Killing sentry guns is rad
Flying high, the detpack blown
The seeds of my failing grade are sown.

Red team, Blue team, they're both the same
Respawn campers sure are lame
Nail grenades are fun to throw
Scouts run fast, both to and [fro].

I practice sliding down the wall
Around the back and down the hall
And to the flag room, GLORY BE!
Oh SHIT! A medic's after me!

I dump a rocket, but it's too late
That stupid medic's sealed my fate
He made me sick and now I'll die
But I'll be back and play the spy!

Or perhaps the pyro will be my pick
And I'll toast that asshole medic prick
The HWguy is also cool
The Engineer can use his "tool".

Oh well, this game sure is fun
And my GPA is on the run
Just remember this golden rule
The more there's Quake, the less there's school!

The End.