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Clan [SS] and CiaB

Leagues We Play In

  • F+F Western Division
  • Caps Only League
  • 5vs5 Tourney allied w/ CiaB (KiaB)
    STA, Bronze Division
    ASTFL, Western Division (DEAD?)
    ATFL, Western Division, allied with Zzz. (DEAD?)
    Final Apoc. DEAD?
    We're not in these any more but they're good links anyway:
    DW4 Merging with STA?

    Other Junk

    Useful RFCs
    Miami Vice Chronicles
    Colin's Sleazy Friends
    Mudkiller's Page 'o Stuffs
    Name Fun!
    Galois' kick ass Snowboard site
    Alphastate, home of Galois.
    Pimp mp3's
    Why we using bad engrish?
    Serial Numbers

    Chat with [I'm 12] members on gamesurge #im!12