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Unsorted scrapbook

Honored Guests:

Cookie photo SS - C00KIE M0NSTER and the rest of the Sesame Street crew can be found camping late at night on the [I'm 12] servers.
Grover photo SS - GR0 >V<ER is very furry. Oh, and if Sac says its ok, it MUST be ok.
ATG photo AtTheGates hails from the Great White North and is one of our buddies from [M]. More declassified [M] photos soon to be coming. Please to be keep your eyes peel.
Lanfear photo Lanfear is another buddy from [M]. If you want to know Lan's claim to fame, just ask Trixie to marry you.
Chumps photo Chumps is the stylin' Vice President of CiaB! Check him sportin' the swank attire befitting his status: polyester blend floral print shirt, linen leisure jacket, baggies, and creepers. Fake Ray-Bans and bad pizza complete the ensemble.
T4rr4nt photo ·T4RR4NT · [M] and his secret fuel source.
Vane photo OSKI ]MP[ [M] [APR] [d3f] GI [d3f] {A} [d3f] · VANE · `K > P. Incriminating bunny photo soon to come.
Lame-o photo Slappy photo Lame-o [M]. Too cute to give ANYBODY a third eye, right? RIGHT?
BumpinFresh photo BumpinFresh was Mudkiller's frosh roommate.
exar photo exar photo Good friend CiaB-ExarKun sips some haus juice before gettin ready to put the bitchslap on some sissy quakers (top).
Exar dons his battle gear before a match. His sidekick kid sister is close by (bottom).
mundy and bro photo mundy's bro wolverine and mundy. Stop going to bed at 7am Nelson!
darbe-ce and severed cow head photo God. That looks like... a SEVERED COW HEAD? Darby[CE] shows his cousin (left) his l33t butchery skills.
dumbteamate DUMBTEAMATE! Can be found camping it up with his SS pals. Someone please show this guy where the flag goes!
o5c4r O5C4R is a royal prick to have in your respawn. In fact, he's a prick irl too. His only redeeming feature is the hundreds of pRon links he spams in #im!12 each evening.

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