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Ex-Terminator photo Mofo Mujimbo is [I'm 12]'s gay scoot. MOFOM ·S · aka NYET enjoys getting his ass w00ped when he LPB snipes tEAtEW, but also plays Soldier, Engineer and any character on the Border1 map. His favorite spams are:
  • Flag very in danger, need defensive!
  • Outgoing enemy having flag. Not to let out!
  • I having flag, soon to go up enemy ramps!
Yoink photo YOINK is [I'm 12]'s Bad Boy, and is usually found partying on the enemy's sniper ledge or their 2nd floor, all thoughts of capping or defense abandoned for the higher goal of yoinking enemy snipers. Perhaps you've heard some of his favorite spams: "Yoink is come for you, enemy snipe coward!", "You look like a stupid!", or "The enemy is fight like little girl!" Yoink kicks ass like gang member and can back up his trash talks.

Yoink enjoys playing Soldier, HWGuy, So Much Trick Spy, and Immigrant.

Guido photo Nice Izod 'gator, GUIDO. Guido loves to play in the ramp room and is the founding member of Guyzen, the HEBYWEPON guild.

btw, Guido is an excellent CHEF and excels in SWEDISH cuisine.

LilLayzie photo LILLAYZIE practicing to be so much trick spy.

Lil enjoys watching wrestling!!!

ed photo PIMP3D'K owns the house with any ping. Too bad he can't get chix like TEATEW'K can.
andrew photo MRBUZZCUT'K. The first 'K, and the original Dennis Rodman of TF.
woulda had u but tf2.5+ u cant fire when not on the ground ;p
still get mad in cs jsut not like that cuz I'm not being OPRESSED in cs like I was in tf ;)
god damn rabbit I've been chasing it for like 15 minutes
dudfe waht hte fuvkl gert the ufck off me
i laugh directly at you
its bound to t
rofdl seropis;y dude get off me

bee horsey photo beethug photo H0RK'K


[Gibkeeg] bee is a pimp, only man I know who can make a bed out of two kitchen chairs and actually sleep on it

Customer 09/12/2002 02:28 PM please help me i go to store to buy full version sof but their is no cd i am a sof lover i have original sof 2 but i want to play sof with full violence can you help me i am not rich enough to buy by credit card regards

Customer 04/22/2003 06:35 PM yeah, but anyhow, um i have no agp stuffs in mah computer. plus do you guys know how hard it is to update bios drivers on an hp. ghey man. suppar ghey. plus they give you gimped bios and it is like "2 OPTIONZ FOR YOU K" so yeah.

Customer 03/17/2003 08:14 PM Would like to get an email address for the president of activision. Why? I recently saw one of the most discriminating commercials that attacks individuals who happen to be Transgendered. I myself happen to be transgendered and a good number of people who help create games like your own ARE transgendered. I found your advertising incredibly offensive and I would like you to review your policies regarding the material that you would find acceptable within your ad

brian photo CLONE
Despite his inclination towards manlove and former agorophobia and alcoholism. Brian appears to be a well adjusted young man even without his meds.
[clone] anal lickage is not my forte
[clone] ren rmeind me why we are going to school i forget [renard_] so we dont have to ask if people want to supersize their order when we grow up
[clone]: no ive had one too many penithes inserted into me [clone]: and if i ever do again, it will be of the same species
[clone]: bee that horse comment is getting old : everyone knows i give head to farm animals for $$ its time for something new
lutz photo We found Lutz on wulf's den cs server and assimilated him. He was cool to us unlike the ahole OBFs.
wulf photo The elusive Wulf, revealed. Sort of.
Hatred photo HA+RED is one of our first members, and one of our psycho scouts. HA+RED loves to groove to the funkolicious beats of the Mankind Liberation Front.
MrNice Photo MRNICE is a recent nice nice nice acquisition.
bUn photo BUNMANGO WaS AnGrY aNgRy AnGrY aT tHe WoRlD bUt ThEn He tUrNeD 11! aNd He WaS hApPy HaPpY hApPy!!!
Jackrabbit photo JACKRABBIT That Jackrabbit, he's very happy baking up a storm with those yummy magical cookies which noone can resist! Try 1 and you're hooked, he'll even deliver them to your respawn at no extra charge! Our resident bunny enjoys playing soldier, and can never get seem to get enough of sq1.

Jack is also very swoll: (adj) - strong; muscular; valiant; cool; great; fantastic; awesome; elite.

Match photo [I'm 12] scores a major recruiting coup by signing retired DM great MATCHSTICK. Although he is a TF newbie, Match is already kicking Major amounts of A, and enjoys playing Medic, Engineer, and Immigrant. His death will be a great honor to your clan.
Fruit photo

FRU!+F35+ plays Soldier and Medic equally badly and loves to enforce border policies.

Given his sleeping habits, or lack thereof, Fruts is even more of a vamp than either P1N10N or ASMO.

Computer Simulation of Current Members in 10 years!

T2 photo TEATEW'K is our phearsome HPB sniper. Come to h0rk for a 3rd eye. t2 is more pimp than anyone I know. Dammit Ed, who else brings two chix to their prom. guess which two walked funny the next morning :) Ed has more womenz than I have frags :p
MrNice Photo BUDO is a damn swoll for a 14 year old.
Kambridge Photo KAMBRIDGE is one of the more p1mp members of Im12. I hope the lovely wife doesn't see this photo.
DemoGirl Photo ··DEMOGIRL: finally after so long time we have a demo! DG is doing well on both offense and defense, and loves to ban llamas on the gym. You'd better watching out!
Draven Photo DRAVEN is another pimpin' edition to our sniper crew. His ping may be very low, but his rate is high!
Listerine photo LISTERINE - Fresh and Minty, sometimes Bitchy!

Listerine a very good example of an ay pappy: (noun) - a fine honey; a gorgeous girl.

Yagami Photo YAGAMI owns, but holds the record for being a recruit - close to 2 months! Grow up already! Yags is slumming for his quickcam in his ghetto dorm at CMU.
Tiffany Tien Photo PURPLERAGE: <3s purple!
SuprMario Photo SUPRMARIO: so many Italian, so little pimp.
Grimbone photo GRIMBONE, what can say about you? You can walk through walls. You are a concert pianist. Children like you. National fashion magazines track your wardrobe. Beautiful women follow in your footsteps. You speak 8 languages fluently and can converse in 10 more. You can drink an entire keg in 30 minutes and not urinate for hours. YOINK gives you free pRon. You can outsnipe Pimp3d on a 14.4 AOL connect.
JonD photo JOND Too much of a Boy Scout to gib anyone, right? Right?

Favor quote: ""Mean snipr will be pay for shot me!!!"

FoulEffer Photo FOULEFFER 'K sniping it up on the Gym.
Knight photo KNIGHTRUNNER sipping some of G's haus juice between customers.
Stinky photo STINKY · SPAWN is p!mpin' in this pict with the lovely GF. Shadow loves cookies, especially while playing TF with his buddies.
Kuda KUDA says "Don't walk in front of my damn shotgun, turkey."
Dolemite photo?? Dolemite is dead DOLEMITE is one mean muthafucka, and part of [I'm 12]'s well neigh impregnable defense. Dole believes all matches should be played with DOGS. Check this mpeg of Dole playing.
Yu-Chen photo YU-CHEN!!!! I'm at a loss for words. Yu-Chen joins the long list of p!mp Im12 members. Check the unresized photo for a bigger thrill.

Honored Past Members

Tetsuo Photo TETSUO is the stereotypical 12 member: p1mp, funny, smart, loyal, kick ass TF'er. Good luck with [T], our juarez and pron will always be there for you and Drizzt.
Drizzt Photo DRIZZT is MrNice's cuz, and will be remembered for his dedication and 100% attendance. Good luck in [T] Drizzt!
Pinion photo. Yes,
this one is real :) Asmo photo. Yes,
this one is real :) P1N10N and ASMO were two of 12's more reclusive members.
Philodox photo PHILODOX is the founder of all that is 12. He enjoys playing Soldier, Sniper, and Demoman. Be careful when you playing against PHILODOX. His rockets are so much powerful.

Philo will be back in January from Boot camp.

BruceLeeroy photo BruceLeeroy enjoys playing Soldier, Demoman, and Scout. Bruce's pipes are so many amazement. You better watching out.
Hoser? photo HOSER. I can't do a better job describing Hoserama than Bleeder:
    Hoser roolz!
    The fruit in buttfruit.
    The nicest guy in the world.
    Underwater axe master, Teamfortress player extrordinaire.
    He's got the touch.
Visit the Hoser Emulator.
Galois photo Galois was our suicidal medic. G is responsible for the p! mp music you hear on several pages on our site (including this one). Galois has left to concentrate on work. Can't argue wif that, G.
Galois playing with flairs not duplicates. Jump on if you see either him or his many alias' on the Gym. Always uses im12's favorite bind "Chill Baby - G is on the case."
Jessica photo Jessica. The original 12 year old. Much imitate, no compare. Current owner of MofoMujimbo.
FF photo FUCKFACE is one of the most annoying medics out there. Shit, he wiped his ass with FRUITFEST every match. FF was I'm12's pRon king, donating 2.5GB in a single xfer, and has 9(!!) more waiting!! come to #im!12 for the pRon.

FUCKFACE promised to outdrink FOULEFFER 'K, FRUITFEST, and SHADOW · SPAWN this new year's eve. Although
FE got there too late for the showdown, let the record show I had my $5 on you FF. Best wishes in the future Alex.

T photo T stud T played offensive (and I do mean offensive) Medic. Currently our resident CanalZone expert. More p1mp than humanly possible. Guess which two are pregnant.

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