Current Roster of Juvenile DelinQuents

Leaders at the top, everyone else in the order they joined.
Our channel is #im!12 on gamesurge, come and fingerpaint and trade pRon with the 12yr olds.

Active Members Class ICQSUX Notes
MOFOMUJIMBO aka NYET Scout, Soldier, 100% ping Sniper 3899709 www Server and Web P!mp. Orbital Mind Control Laser Operator
FRUITFEST Soldier, Medic 6964301 www Web, Server, and Match/League P!mp.
LILLAYZIE Soldier, Sniper, Demo 2676920
PHILODOX Soldier, Scout, Demo 2300909 VeriZon CS Leader
PIMP3D 'K Sniper, Soldier 3247580 www
GUIDO G Soldier, Guyzen, Sniper 2879589
CLONE Soldier, Skulk w/AA-bitegun hax 10723253
KAMI Marine, Battle Gorge
OMEDON Commander, Skulk
JACKRABBIT Soldier, Eng 3236064 AWOL
FUCKFACE G Medic, Guyzen 1352370
ST1NKY 'K Sniper, Soldier 380983
DJDEZ Soldier, Pyro, Sniper
JOND Soldier 4057870
DEMOGIRL Demogirl 9708930
BUNMANGO 666 ping Scout 3026196 www1, www2
SYD Demo
TETSUO Soldier, Sniper 3687292
YAGAMI Soldier, Scout, Sniper 322367
STERLING Soldier 3068405
MIKE Medic, Sniper 2103500
MRP1MP Medic, Soldier 5171919
LETHE Sniper 1110624
BOX Scout, Soldier


ROOS Soldier
DABEE 'K Soldier/Sniper
MRBUZZCUT 'K Soldier, sniper
SCOOB 'K Soldier, sniper
MAIKLE Soldier
FAMINE Soldier, Scout
FOOLIO Soldier
HA?RED Scout, Pyro 999943 www
RONIN Soldier, Demo 4041988
CARNAGE Soldier 4041988
PHR3AK Sniper, Soldier 35844780
MFACES Soldier 1189046
BUDO Soldier
SATIVA Medic, Scout 6248095
DRAVEN Sniper, Soldier, Demo 552628
ID4 Soldier, Spy 2881145
MRNICE Soldier, Sniper 3111086
FI$T Soldier, Sniper 1342087
HERACLES Soldier, Sniper 28978501
GRIMBONE Demoman, Pyro 1897384
LISTERINE Soldier, Sniper, Medic 881724
KAMBRIDGE Soldier 7373996 Semi-active
ICZER Soldier, Medic, Scout 6092230 Formerly known as Lawk.
SOTH Demo, Pyro 4966318 www
DOLEMITE Soldier, Scout
SORVINO Soldier, Sniper 5875246
Grown Ups
SUPRMARIO   Soldier, Hebey. 763076
BRCLEEROY Demoman 4055734 www
DRIZZT Soldier, Sniper Drizzt, good luck in [T]
FOULEFFER 'K Sniper, Scout 3678659 Damn FE, we will miss you.
KUDA Medic Retired
YOINK Soldier, Spy, HWGuy 407354 ABC, HL/DM, TFC
MATCH Medic, Immigrant HL/DM, TFC
YU-CHEN Soldier 572501 Asian Parents
BRICKWALL Sniper 883525 Real life
ASMO Soldier, Sniper 1949578 Good luck with tN Asmo, come by anytime
HOSER RandomPC 2290998 Hoser Emulator v1.
MUDKILLER RandomPC 4729889 www, Mudkiller will be concentrating on school from now on :) Good for you Mud! We'll miss you!
T Medic 3908282 [I'm 12]'s original Medic. T now holds court on Canalzone, and anxiously awaits the release of TF2. He keeps muttering something about team play too. His Church is filled with 0 followers while the 2f5r servers are maxed. Admit defeat T.
GAL0IS Keeper of the Llama, Social Engineer ??? [I'm 12]'s first axe-only Medic. G also does our site's p!mp music.
The Original 12 Year Old
JESSICA Matriarch

Former 12
 Doc Holliday

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