[I'm 12]'s server rules.


General rules (inspired by SYBLPB's rules):

  1. Do not use racial or bigoted slurs/remarks of any kind. You will more than likely receive only one warning, and then you will be banned. The words fag or faggot are also not to be used. Being California residents, we all have certain tolerances for people's lifestyle choices. We expect you to have these same tolerances. There is no room in the world for this kind of ignorance.
  2. Don't be a llama. If you need this defined, you're probably a llama already, so just leave. You're not wanted here.
  3. Cussing is permitted. Face it, we're all adults here. If some stupid parent wants to allow little 12-year-old Billy to play this game, they need their fucking head examined.
  4. Respect the admins. If they ask you to do something, or to stop doing something, just please respect their request. We keep this server up 24/7/365. We ask for nothing in return other than you please respect the damn admins. Not respecting the admins will get you banned asap.
  5. Don't cheat. Cheaters will be banned.
  6. Our ban list is the most extensive in TF. We really don't care if you end up on it (or the CS ban list). Remember this.
  7. The servers are here for you to enjoy. Have fun people, don't be a llama.

CS specific rules

  1. Play the round as if you were in a match. Frags are irrelevant. The goal is to win the round. You will find that CS is much, much more enjoyable when players act as a team, and not a collection of individuals. Any behavior which would be conducive to winning the round is Good. Any behavior which is not conducive to winning the round is Bad. Nothing pisses us off more than hearing, "My frag ratio rules, I want an invite to [I'm 12]." We look for people who would do well in a match, not run away from the bomb site to keep their AWP and pad their kill ratio.
  2. Heed the mission objective. If you need this explained, you might as well save yourself and us a lot of time and play on another server. "But I was not camping, I was defending our spawn point with an AWP you fuckin admin!@#@!@!!" Ya, ya, whatever llama. If you insist on camping and do not attempt to achieve the mission objective, expect to get harassed (buried, slapped) by the admins. If you still don't get a clue, welcome to our ban list. Ask yourself, do you really want to watch two campers sit tight for 3 minutes? No? Good. Attempt to achieve the map objective.
  3. While [I'm 12] personally frowns on camping, it is in the spirit of the game. If you are on the "D" team, camping is acceptable and allowed on our server. However, you must heed the mission objective. If a T plants the bomb and you insist on camping with your AWP somewhere and do not attempt to defuse, expect to lose your weapon when you are buried/slain. We don't care if you are the last CT alive. That is the price you pay for camping. You will usually be buried, and your location broadcasted to the server so your oh so precious frag ratio will suffer. Don't patronize us by moving a few feet back and forth and saying, "You fuckin admin I was moving towards the bomb/hostages." Cry about it and make our ban list.
  4. Do not flash your own team, or otherwise inhibit your teammates' ability to play effectively. This is actually covered under the don't be a llama rule, but we need to make sure the llamas understand. FRUITFEST[I'm 12] is exempted by this rule and may flash teammates at will.
  5. Don't kill the hostages. Don't hostage jump.
  6. Don't be a llama. Please do not cheat on our servers.
  7. You want to be an admin? Don't call us, we'll call you.

TF specific rules

  1. Respawn camping is allowed.
  2. Harassing the snipers is not only allowed, it is highly encouraged. The great Yoink himself told us to "Go forth, and camp, my son."
  3. Our TF rcon passwords hardly remain secret. However, anyone caught using rcon who is not authorized to use it will be banned. If you have to ask yourself whether or not you are authorized, then you aren't authorized. No exceptions will be made.

CoD specific rules

  1. No swearing, it's not realistic
  2. No jumping while firing, or firing while jumping (a.k.a bunny hopping by the brilliant CoD community) - it's not realistic
  3. No generally unrealistic behavior not covered above, as it's not realistic
  4. If you dont show perfect WWII history knowledge, you can't be any good, so if you kill somebody and aren't a historian, you are probably cheating.
  5. Thank god we dont CoD anymore.

Questions? Comments? Flames? Need to report an abusive admin? Please email us.

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